Single Person Canoe

Paddle for a bit, then float out for a while and enjoy the sun and the view, or go for it and try to reach the other side as quickly as possible. Rent a canoe for 45 minutes and do what you like.

• One ticket is valid for the rental of one canoe at the mentioned time and date.
• The deposit of € 5,- will be charged at the purchase of the ticket
• Participant must have sufficient swimming skills
• In case of insufficient swimming skills one needs to wear a floating device (take care of this yourself).
• Maximum one person per canoe.
• It is not allowed to sail within the drift lines.
• You must return on signal from Fun Beach.
• Participation at your own risk, there is no lifeguard present.

• Report with the e-ticket to Fun Harbour. Here you will receive a deposit card to unlock the canoe.
• When you return, you can lock the canoe again and the security card will be released by the lock. When you return the card in time you will receive the deposit of € 5,- refunded back to your account.