Luxury Beach Bed

Relaxed lying on the beach? Then rent a luxury beach bed for a whole day.
Pick up your beach bed at your chosen pickup point and take it with you to your own spot on the sunbathing area.

Strandbed plattegrond

• One ticket is valid for the rental of one luxury beach bed.
• Deposit is / will be paid at the time of booking
• Have the ticket scanned at your pickup point to receive the deposit card of the reserved beach bed.
• By means of this deposit card you can disconnect your beach bed.
• At the end of the day, reconnect your beach bed at the collection point and receive the deposit card back.
• Return the deposit card to the location where you picked up the beds to receive the deposit back.
• If the deposit card is returned, you will receive the deposit of € 5,- refunded back to your account.